Perth with an infant and pre-schooler – Day 3

We were off on a day trip to Fremantle today. Daddy Bean was a history buff so we decided we should check out the Fremantle Prison. We did the Doing Time tour which was well-conducted by an experienced guide. Even the pre-schooler paid attention. A tip would be to bring toddlers and infants in a baby carrier as you will need to negotiate steps during the tour. There is a small cafe at the Prison if you need some coffee. Although you are better off visiting the cafes in the city itself.

After the prison tour, we headed to the Marine Terrace for lunch. Between the two iconic fish and chips restaurants, we settled on Cicerello’s. There are diverging opinions online on which is better. We can’t comment on Kaili’s as we didn’t try it, but we were reasonably happy with our experience at Cicerello’s.  There was ample seating, brisk service, large servings of fresh and well-fried fish and chips. Little Creature’s Beer was just a short walk away, and serves up wood-fired pizza and beer, if you don’t feel like fish and chips. The area was a perfect spot for us to spend the afternoon as there was also a playground opposite Little Creatures where the LB1 burnt off some energy.

On the drive back home, we stopped by at Seafood Mayeree (488 Marmion St, Myaree WA 6154) where there was a good selection of fresh seafood. We picked up some fresh seafood to cook for dinner. On the way home was also The Good Grocer (36 Ardross Street Applecross WA 6153) where we picked up some supplies for a picnic lunch the next day.

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