Perth with an infant and pre-schooler – Day 4

The Caversham Wildlife Park is one of the child-friendly highlights when visiting Western Australia. It is a 40 minute drive to the north east of Perth city.  The kids will definitely love the park as there are many opportunities to come up close and personal with different types of Australian wildlife. Parents will be happy to know that there are no added cost for feeding, touching, or taking photos with the animals. A tip would be to check out the timings of the shows and plan your day around those timings. You should also plan to arrive early to beat the tourist buses.

We started our day at the Wombat and Friends meet and greet. The queue to take photos with the wombat was crazy long, so we gave that a miss. As you can only spend a limited time within the arena, I would suggest you do the same, and spend your time interacting with the other animals and their keepers.

Our next stop was to meet the Koalas. But we also found the queues for the photos too long  as well (thanks to tour buses).  A tip would be to go for the earliest or latest sessions of the day to avoid the crowds. The kangaroo enclosure had plenty of free-roaming kangaroos and wallabies, with free flow of animal feed. Do catch the Farm Show as well. But note that the whip cracking segment may scare babies and young children.

There is a small kiosk at the Park serving some snacks, but no restaurant or cafe. So it would be a good idea to pack a picnic lunch. Other then within the park, there is another picnic site at the Whiteman Park nearby, where there is also a playground.

On our way back home, we stopped by Corica Pastries in North Bridge to pick up a famous apple strudel. It comes in only one standard size (LARGE, which is good for about 6-8 people). That meant a lot of apple strudel for us over the next few days. We’ve heard many good things about Corica apple strudels with many tourists carting boxes of them back to Singapore. Honestly, our conclusion was that it tasted pretty much like Ritz Apple Strudel back home. It was nice, but definitely not stellar.


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