Perth with an infant and pre-schooler – Day 9

We spent our last day in Perth with a visit to Swan Valley. We started our day at the Kinky Lizard Espresso in East Perth where we picked up a a coffee and did a stroll along around Victoria Gardens and along the river lined with upper middle class housing.

From there, it was a 50-minute drive to Bells Rapids Park. We visited after a weekend, and sad to say, the weekenders had left quite a bit of rubbish behind. Also, the weather was turning warm (spring to summer) and we kept being attacked by flies. I would imagine that if the weather was nicer, and there were no flies, it would have been a beautiful place for a hike.


Bells Rapids Park


Bells Rapids Park

Lunch was at the Broads Restaurant Upper Reach Winery which served up a delicious tapas style Mediterranean spread.

After lunch, we headed off to the Margaret River Chocolate Company. LB1 was delighted with the free tastings of milk, white and dark chocolate. Next to the chocolate shop is the providore where you can also sample oils, jams and relishes to help you decide on what souvenirs to bring home.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Woodbridge Riverside Park, another spacious suburban playground, followed by an ice-cream at Junction Ice-creamery.

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